Spring Box Reveal! HELLO SPRING!

Sweet Water Decor - Daily Planner

Plan your spring with this gorgeous canvas planner from Sweet Water Decor! Planner is laid out by day and date and fillable to any day you want to start.

Seed & Soil - Hand-pressed botanical necklace

One-of-a-kind hand pressed botanical necklace from Seed & Soil. Necklace made using a unique flower pressing technique. Each necklace is 18 inches long, 24K gold plated, and includes gold knots along the chain.

Studio 82 degrees - Wildflower seed tabs

These individually packaged seed tab booklets are a fun way to spread happiness & wildflowers. Perfect gift for any seasoned or beginning gardener. Each booklet holds ten plantable tabs that is 100% biodegradable and embedded with a mixture of wildflower seeds. Two tab booklets to each order. Feel good about helping the local ecosystem by planting pollinator plants, which help bees & butterflies thrive. Your purchase is making a positive impact on the environment!

Sweet Water Decor - Jewelry Tray

Perfect resting spot for your new necklace! Enjoy this inspirational jewelry tray from Sweet Water Decor. Each tray is trimmed with gold colored foil.

Facetory - Dreamy Dew Spray

Our Dreamy Dew Hand Mist is a sanitizing mist that's easy to take with you on the go! Spray it on your hands and on public surfaces to help kill 99% of bacteria. This sanitizer won't leave your skin dry or sticky as it's formulated with moisturizing ingredients to help replenish the skin and keep your skin barrier strong! Key Ingredients 75% Alcohol- This ingredient will help kill bacteria and keep hands clean.

Fatty Sundays - Cinnamon Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Hey sugar! Our Cinnamon Sugar pretzels will give you all the festive feels, any time of year. The combination of dusty brown cinnamon mixed with shimmery sugar is just perfection on a pretzel. It'll soon become your new favorite Fatty Sundays flavor, we can feel it!

Facetory - Moon Velvet Face Mask

Pamper yourself during a night in with the Moon Velvet Moisturizing Cream Mask! This eco-friendly Tencel sheet mask hugs the contours of your face with a creamy essence. Use this at night to wake up with velvety soft skin! Key Ingredients + Benefits Shea Butter - Softens dry skin and seals in moisture by forming a protective barrier over the skin. Sodium Hyaluronate - A water-binding ingredient that brings moisture to dry, parched skin.

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